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Florida Speeding Ticket Attorney Florida Speeding Ticket Lawyer
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If you receive a Florida speeding ticket just paying the citation is the worst thing you can do. The facts are that for some reason the state of Florida has decided to adjudicate you guilty, put points on your license and allow your insurance company to increase your premiums if you just pay your speeding ticket. If that’s what you get for cooperating what will they do if you fight a ticket in Florida? The truth is most of the time the fine will stay the same, your insurance will not increase and you might not have to take a class depending on your history and the facts of the case. Occasionally an officer will not show up but that is not something you can count on. Technical defects can be used to beat the ticket but are not extremely common on speeding tickets. Sometimes the hearing officer will assess a nominal fee for the hearing but the officers will occasionally amend to a less expensive citation. To sum it up most clients will not have points on their license, insurance increases are almost always avoided, the cost of the citation might be reduced, occasionally the ticket will be dismissed and you will have more time to deal with the citation if you hire a Florida speeding ticket attorney.

If you have not attended driving school in the last year and have not used the life time maximum you can take a class and get a withhold of adjudication on your Florida speeding ticket. You will have to pay for the class, spend hours of your time and use one of your 5 lifetime classes. You would also be unable to take the class for a year if you get another ticket. One reason it is good to hire a Florida speeding ticket attorney is that paying the citation with a class puts the ticket on your record but keeps the points of so your insurance does not increase. If your attorney can get a withhold on your first few citations as your record gets longer you will be able to start using the traffic school option. If you have only had one or two tickets your attorney will probably be able to keep your insurance from going up without much resistance from the police or hearing officer.

If you receive a Florida speeding ticket you should contact an attorney to see what your options are. Once you are aware of the options you have for your speeding ticket you should either hire an attorney or take the class. Many Florida speeding ticket attorneys will charge a reasonable fee. It is not a murder trial so you shouldn’t pay thousands of dollars to retain an attorney for a speeding ticket. Many attorneys will charge around $100-$200 for basic speeding tickets and other moving violations. If the court appearance is mandatory the price could go up (Florida speeding ticket 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, death, injury….). A Florida speeding ticket lawyer can handle multiple cases at each court date so despite the fact that the price is low the attorney can still do very well.

On the other hand since it is not a murder case that you are spending thousands of dollars on you have to realize that it is unlikely that expert witnesses will be called for a three day trial. Civil traffic court in Florida is fast and is a lot about negotiation and a little about litigation. So why should you hire a Florida speeding ticket attorney? A Florida speeding ticket attorney can approach the officer as a third party who represents a client and can speak with the officer without generating an argument. Also to some extent imagine if someone came to your place of employment without formal training and started trying to do your job. If that would frustrate you it might also frustrate the individuals in court that have trained and/or worked for years handling Florida traffic ticket cases. This does not mean that you will offend people by representing yourself but if an attorney represents himself/herself everyone says he’s a good attorney but has a fool for a client. If this holds true for attorneys it probably holds true for non-lawyers.  This does not mean you cannot represent yourself but on average you will get a better result on a Florida speeding ticket with a speeding ticket attorney. It will also save you a few hours in court and you won’t have to go through security.

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