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Bay County Speeding Ticket Attorney


Bay County Speeding Ticket Attorney

You’re crossing the Bailey Bridge were it drops to a 35mph zone or you’re heading East on the Hathaway Bridge cruising downhill. As you go around the curve you see a Bay County speed trap. The lights start flashing and you get a Bay County traffic ticket. You think about stopping by the Bay County Clerk’s office to pay that speeding ticket. Don’t pay that Bay County speeding ticket without speaking to a Bay County speeding ticket attorney. In 2010 15,842 traffic tickets were issued in Bay County for moving violations. 9,815 of those tickets were paid. Points on your license and jacked up insurance rates without a fight or even asking for forgiveness. A paid ticket is a guilty plea with points on your license. In Bay County local police issued the most traffic tickets. Florida Highway Patrol Troop A out of Pensacola and Panama City was a close second. 9,197 of those tickets were Bay County speeding tickets. Other common tickets were 1412 Bay County careless driving tickets, 753 Bay County fail to yield right of way tickets, 729 Bay County red light tickets, 541 Bay County improper passing, 490 Bay County stop sign tickets, 216 Bay County improper lane change tickets, 197 Bay County driving without headlight tickets and 188 Bay County following to close tickets.

Why shouldn’t you pay that Bay County traffic ticket? 1634 moving traffic tickets in Bay County went in front of a Judge or hearing officer. Only 297 resulted in a guilty plea or verdict. That means 1337 tickets did not place points on a driver’s license. As long as property damage was not involved insurance will not increase if adjudication is withheld. 547 of the Bay County traffic tickets were dropped or won at hearing. Over 81% of the tickets that were not paid resulted in a resolution at hearing that did not assess points. Just over 33% of the Bay County tickets ended in a resolution with no fine or points.

Why should you hire a Bay County traffic ticket attorney? A Bay County traffic ticket lawyer can go to court for you. This lets you save your vacation by not missing work. A Bay County traffic ticket lawyer can also get your case dismissed if the police officer does not show up to the hearing. Officers usually show up but occasionally are unable to attend. A speeding ticket attorney can challenge the evidence against you. If the case is strong for the police a traffic lawyer can negotiate a resolution that might save you money on the fine and prevent your insurance from increasing. An additional benefit of hiring a Bay County traffic ticket attorney is that traffic school might be avoided. If traffic school is not avoided being sentenced to traffic school does not count towards your 5 life time traffic school elections.

Don’t Pay That Bay County Speeding Ticket Without Speaking To A Bay County Speeding Ticket Attorney.

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