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Daytona Beach is known for racing, beaches and special events. It is also the most aggressive city in Volusia County for issuing traffic tickets. The Daytona Beach police department issued 15,471 criminal traffic, moving traffic and non-moving Daytona Beach traffic tickets. The most common moving Daytona Beach traffic ticket was a Daytona Beach speeding ticket. Law enforcement issued 1,510 Daytona Beach speeding tickets in 2010. Daytona Beach careless driving was the second most common ticket for moving violations. 1,277 Daytona Beach careless driving tickets were issued. Daytona Beach driving while license suspended was the most common criminal traffic ticket. 1,168 Daytona Beach driving on a suspended license tickets were issued. Other common tickets include: 638 Daytona Beach red light tickets, 539 Daytona Beach fail to yield right of way tickets, 293 Daytona Beach stop sign tickets, 224 Daytona Beach improper backing tickets, 172 Daytona Beach fail to obey traffic control device tickets, 128 Daytona Beach improper lane change tickets, 97 Daytona Beach improper passing tickets, 89 Daytona Beach driving without headlight tickets, 67 Daytona Beach wrong side of the road tickets, 66 Daytona Beach improper turn tickets and 46 Daytona Beach following too close tickets.

Common Daytona Beach criminal infractions: 1,168 Daytona Beach suspended license tickets,

443 Daytona Beach no valid driverís license/expired driverís license/improper driverís license,

283 Daytona Beach DUI cases, 146 Daytona Beach tag tickets, 139 Daytona Beach leaving the scene of a crash tickets,

67 Daytona Beach unlawful use of a driverís license tickets, 65 Daytona Beach fleeing and eluding cases,

35 Daytona Beach reckless driving tickets, 32 Daytona Beach violation of driverís license restriction cases.

Areas of heavy traffic enforcement in Daytona Beach include Big Tree Road, Mason Avenue especially around the Sea Breeze Bridge, LPGA Boulevard, Tomoka Farms Road and International speedway also see heavy police presence.

Non-moving traffic violation fines and court cost amount to $116.

Moving violations excluding speed and traffic signals are $166. Traffic signal violations (running a red light) are $264.

Daytona Beach speeding tickets 6-9 mph over is $131.

Daytona Beach speeding tickets 10-14 over is $206.

Daytona Beach speeding tickets 15-19 over is $256.

Daytona Beach speeding tickets 20-29 over is $281.

Daytona Beach speeding tickets 30 mph over the speed limit require a mandatory court appearance. For a Daytona Beach speeding ticket over 30 a driving class is almost always required.

If you receive Daytona Beach ticket you should speak with Daytona Beach traffic ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts. Why should you talk to a Daytona Beach ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts? Paying a citation adjudicates you guilty, places points on your license and will likely result in substantial insurance cost. You can use a class a year for a total of five during your life. Would you prefer to have a Daytona Beach ticket attorney go to court on your first Daytona Beach speeding ticket or on your sixth? It will be much easier for the attorney to keep points of your license the first few tickets. What are the odds of keeping points of your license for a Daytona Beach ticket. Just under 40% of drivers paid the ticket? Just over 18% of drivers that received a Daytona Beach traffic ticket elected to take the traffic school to keep points of their license. 1,584 Daytona Beach tickets elected to appear in court. 16% of the drivers that went in front of a judge or hearing officer were adjudicated guilty and received points. Just over 54% of tickets that go in front of a judge or hearing officer won, dismissed or dropped. 29% of Daytona Beach traffic tickets that go to court had adjudication withheld keeping points of their license. Over 83% of Daytona Beach tickets that go to court end in a resolution that will not raise insurance rates unless property damage is involved.

Daytona Beach traffic attorney Kevin J. Pitts is a former Volusia County prosecutor in Daytona Beach. Mr. Pitts had an opportunity to learn about the legal issues surrounding traffic stops while working for the state. As a Daytona Beach speeding ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts can appear in traffic court without you. This allows you to focus on your job or school instead of a traffic ticket. For clients on vacation this can save you a trip back to Florida. An experienced Daytona Beach speeding ticket lawyer can argue or negotiate for the best possible result in your case. Daytona Beach traffic ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts fees start at $100 for most basic moving violations. Most cases can be resolved without points on your license. This prevents insurance rates from increasing and future license suspension. Police officers usually just want you to slow down. The only person that benefits from increased insurance costs is the insurance companies. Even if your record is bad and the facts against you are strong steps can be taken to increase the chances that points will stay off your license. Contact Daytona Beach ticket attorney Kevin J. Pitts today at 386-451-5112.

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